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Ed Sheeran singing all of the songs on his album (+) in 3 minutes

I hit reblog after I heard “Drunk”

i thought this was going to be some kind of funny remix with all his songs going like 12x faster but it iSN’T OMG THIS IS BEAUTIFUL 

I think I’m going to cry

and here is the video, so go and fangirl.

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Questions/Requests etc.

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Love you all!

xoxo Beth

Imagine for Cassie


You and Ed walk hand and hand up to your parent’s house, preparing to introduce him to the family. Gazing up at him, you smile and say “they are going to love you.” “I hope so!” he says, looking down at his shoes. Taking a deep breath, the two of you knock together on the door. “Cassie!” Your parents say giving you a big hug. “And this must be Ed!” says your Mom. Soon, you find yourself at the dinner table, being grilled with questions while you are served your favourite meal. “So Cassie,” your Dad asks, “how long have you been together?” You tell them all the details. You met at a New Years party, falling in love at first sight. When the ball dropped, Ed went in for the kiss. Now after almost two years of dating, (wow time went by fast) you have had memories packed into every day with Ed. After answering everything, Ed kneels down on one knee and asks, “Cassie, will you marry me?” Ecstatic, you answer yes, kissing your future husband to be. This was a perfect first visit with Ed and your parents! <3


xoxo Beth 

xoxo Beth

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